Regional News Mon, 26 Nov 2007

Anlo Police Murder: CID Boss Lied to the Public

The Anlo Youth would like to thank the Press for the timely manner in which they had responded and assisted in unraveling the secrecy surrounding the whereabouts of the bodies of the murdered victims in the Anlo police killings. We are very thankful that our SOS message to them especially at such a short notice had received the necessary attention prompting a response from the CID boss in connection with their involvement.

At this juncture, we would have gone to sleep considering the fact that the whereabouts of the bodies of the murdered victims have now been put in the public domain.

But the CID boss, DCOP Frank Adu-Poku, had rudely woken us up. The fact that the Police Commissioner lied to the public cannot go without attention. We wish to ask categorically that the CID boss answers the following questions:

• When did the police inform Dumega Raymond Okudzeto that they had stolen the bodies from the various morgues? The bereaved families were with Raymond Okudzeto on Wednesday, November 21, 2007 till the afternoon in Accra to ostensibly to look for their corpses.

• Who were the family members the CID boss said knew about the conveyance of the bodies?


• Who were the other opinion leaders who granted the permission for the bodies to be conveyed?

• What documentations and who signed those documents before the release of the bodies at both the Keta and the Ho hospitals? Anlo Youth contactad the Keta hospital authorities on Thursday, November 22, 2007 and they did not know the whereabouts of the corpses.

• When was the Hospital Administrator and the Medical Officer in-charge of the Keta Government hospital informed about the removal of the bodies?

• Are the police not suspects in this matter?

• Could the suspects again be the investigators, the coroners, the pathologists, the prosecutors and at the same have a ‘SAFE CUSTODY’ of the bodies?


• Why would the CID boss then be wondering what they could have been doing with the bodies?

• Why the inconsistency between the CID boss and the District Chief Executive of Keta, Kofi Edward Ahiabor? Between Korle-Bu and Police Hospital is a long distance.

• Kofi Ahiabor knew the families very well before this incident. Which of the bereaved families did he visit and sought permission to convey the bodies?

As young people, we must love the truth, live by it and defend it religiously. We cannot imagine the kind of future and legacy our leaders would bequeath to us if public servants in these high offices handling matters between life and death could tell us lies.

The Regional Minister, the District Chief Executive and the police must know that their dastardly involvement cannot be covered under the sun. The surreptitious removal of the bodies from the morgues in our view is a clear indication of attempts to temper with evidence and this would only be adding insults to injury particularly to the bereaved families and the intelligence of Ghanaians.


Signed for and on behalf of Anlo Youth:

Mayor Agbleze (President) P.Y. Tsikata (Secretary)

024-458-4835 024-220-5520

Source: Anlo Youth
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