Regional News Sat, 23 Apr 2016

Asamankese Chief 'hot' over sale of lands

A sub chief of Asamankese has incurred the wrath of some farmers and youths of Suku, Budu and Kain in the Upper West Akyim District for allegedly selling huge plots of land already cultivated by farmers to a fruit drink manufacturing company.

The affected farmers and youth have also bemoaned the attacks on them by land guards when they go on their lands to work.

According to them, their farm lands have been destroyed without prior notice.


An early intervention of the police prevented a nearly bloody confrontation between the aggrieved persons and the land guards.

Nyankonton Mu Nsem's Prince Collins Benning said the youth and farmers affected by the incident have threatened to butcher anyone who set foot on their lands.

He added, the affected persons have called on authorities to intervene on their behalf as their source of livelihood is gone waste.

Source: rainbowradioonline.com