Regional News Wed, 22 Jun 2005

Assemblies should insist on sale of sachet water from fixed spots - Officer

Kade (E/R), June 22 GNA - Mr Samuel Dornu Agblo, Kwaebibirem District Environmental Health Officer, has called for the passage of byelaws to restrict the sale of sachet water to specific spots instead of hawking them. He said anyone who bought sachet water should ensure that he or she disposed of the plastic container in a proper way.

Mr Agblo has said that iced-water sellers, who hawked in the streets and other places contributed to the littering of the environment especially lorry stations and the roadsides with plastic sachets thus lowering the standard of sanitation. He said it would be more appropriate and hygienic if district assemblies would enforce that the water sellers did their businesses at fix spots with containers in which customers would drop the sachet after drinking.


Addressing Sanitation and Health Officers on the standard and improvement of sanitation in the Kwaebibirem District on Wednesaday, Mr Dornu Agblo said the way iced water hawkers went about their business was unhygienic and unsanitary. He said hawking of iced water exposed teenage girls to hazards like rape, robbery, diseases and motor accidents. He said when the sellers did their businesses at particular spots the assemblies could then tax them.

Mr Agblo said to help to improve sanitation in the District there was the need for sanitary and health officers to daily visit the people to educate them on sanitation.

Source: GNA