Bakers strike over high cost of flour

Tue, 30 Apr 2019 Source: Class FM

Members of the Northern Region Bakers Association have embarked on a strike action following the price hikes in all ingredients used for baking in the country.

Ms Esther Seriboe, Executive Member of the association, told Class 91.3FM that the price of flour has increased to GHC25 within the last four months. She stated that flour from Irani Brothers and Olam which was sold between GHC135 and GHC140 now cost GHC160 to GHC165.

She disclosed further that a bag of sugar was sold between GHC130 to GHC140 few months ago but currently, the bakers are buying the same product at GHC190. Margarine, which was GHC180 is currently being sold for GHC190.

Ms Seriboe said they have no choice but to strike and also increase the price of bread.

She confirmed in an interview on Tuesday, 30 April 2019 that bakers in the region are on strike to demand increment in the price of bread. She, however, refuted claims that their action was aimed at making the government unpopular.

"We are really on strike; the strike does not mean maybe we are going on demonstration against anybody. We want increment in prices, so we decided to make just some two days artificial shortage of bread, so that we can start our increment," she revealed.

Currently, the lowest price of a loaf of bread in Tamale is GHC2. Even though some traders sell tea bread and sugar bread for GHC1, it is not common in the area.

Source: Class FM
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