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Be obedient or face the wrath of Akyem stool - Okyenhene cautions new chief

Akyem Kwabeng Chief Addison Boateng Nuamah has been enstooled as the new king of Akyem Kwabeng

Wed, 4 Jul 2018 Source: Nana Effei

The Paramount Chief of the Akyem Abuakwa Kingdom, Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin II, has conferred power and authority on Addison Boateng Nuamah, as the new chief of Akyem Kwabeng in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

He was enstooled after a thorough search into his background, confirmation of his pure royalty, and all necessary rites observed as custom demands.

Swearing Mr. Boateng into his new office as the Omanhene of Kwabeng, with his stool name; Daasebre Ayimadu II, the Okyenhene, in his authority, charged his new subject, Nana Ayimadu II to be strong, truthful and honest in all his duties as a chief, have the interest of the land and his people at heart and place these first at all times.

He also cautioned him to keep the oath he has taken before “Nananom” and the people forever and never breach them, as tradition demands of him.

“As you have sworn before me today by your own words without any manipulations or influence, remember that, if you dare refuse to respond to my call or the call of your people at any time without the only reason of health challenges, you have broken the Great Oath of the Akyem Stool, and shall, therefore, face the wrath of the Stool!” Osagyefo declared with authority, at this point rising to his feet, with all the other chiefs on their feet to stamp his authority through his words.

Daasebre Ayimadu, after his oath, also pledged his loyalty to Osagyefo and all his people, assuring that he would serve the land with all diligence, hard work and honesty and shall not compromise the interest of the people for any reasons.

He also called for total unity and full support of the people to enable his reign be a successful one for all.

He also expressed his gratitude to the Okyehene, the other chiefs and all the people for expressing their interest in him and for accepting him as their chief to land the Kwabeng land.

The Kwabeng throne, which according to history, has been without a chief for four years, after the demise of the late chief- Daasebre Aboagye Oware Nkwantabusa II, since the years 2014, has now been ascended by the new chief- Nana Ayimadu II, as the Omanhene of the land.

The coronation which was held on Monday June 25, 2018, was meant to outdoor the new chief to his people and make him swear oaths to commit himself and his dedication to his people, other chiefs and the gods of the land as leader of the Kwabengman.

Commencing the rituals, the new chief who had been kept in a dark room for some time, was presented before the Okyenhene’s representative and other chiefs who were gathered at the Okyeman Gyaase Ahenfie in Kwabeng, to be identified and confirm by his people as their real choice and to swear before the Gyaase and other chiefs as the new chief of the land.

Elaborating the process to the chiefs and the Gyaase before the oath taking, the Adosoasehene- Osaberima Kwame Tia, disclosed that the Mmabeduam family, whose turn is it to ascend the Kwabeng throne, first selected their choice- a rightful royal with one mouth and presented him to the Okyehene for his assessment and acceptance before any other right was commenced.

After his disclosure, he then ordered the mma mbenyin to go and fetch the new chief to come and swear before the chiefs and his people.

This process, according to the Adosoasehene, is to openly let the people know clearly that, there has not been any backdoor moves to thwart or twist the people’s hands over their own choice, that is why the new chief must first have to be brought before the chiefs and the people openly to be identified and confirmed before he is allowed to take any oath to be sworn in as the chief, so that tomorrow, no one could point accusing finger on the elders as being mischievous with their selection.

The new chief was then brought before the gathering to first take an oath before the Okyehene Gyasewa- Osaberema Amoako Darko Ampem, who also confirmed to Kwabengman that their new leader- Daasebre Ayimadu’s background as a clean royal has indeed been researched and confirmed. He therefore accepts Nana Ayimadu’s oath and also pledges his loyalty and support to him by swearing back to him.

Daasebre Ayimadu after that also swears to Kwabeng Gyaasewa, the chief of Adosoase- Osaberima Kwame Tia, among other chiefs present, who also on the other hand swears back their commitment and support to him as ready to aid his reign to achieve success.

After all the oath taking at the Okyeman Gyaase Ahefie, the New Chief of the land, was carried by his people across the length and breathe of the Kwabeng land to now officially outdoor and introduce him to the people of the entire Kwabeng land as their own choice and new leader, and this part of the rights was successfully carried without any opposition whatsoever.

As this crucial point, as custom demands that no chief can ascend the throne without the approval of the general overseer of the land, after all these rituals, the new chief could not ascend his throne without paying homage to and swearing before the Okyehene (Ntam kese3).

The entire royalty of Kwabeng therefore match in a long convoy to the Kyebi Ahenefie (The Okyehene’s Palace) for Nana Ayimadu II, to now take his final oath and swear before the highest authority of the land, the Okyehene, (Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Penyi) for his acceptance and to confer on him the final authority as the Omanhene of Kwabeng.

Again, this final ritual was successfully performed at Kyebi Ahenefie before the Osagyefo, where all other chiefs and sub-chiefs of Akyem were present with the people of Kwabeng.

Daasebre Ayimadu II, is now conferred and declared the Omanhene of Akyem Kwabeng in the Eastern Region as a successor of the late Daasebre Aboagye Oware Nkwantabusa II to lead the Kwabengman and totally oversee all affairs and progress of the land. He is however answerable to the Okyehene as custom demands.

Also as tradition demands, the new chief is at this point kept in a ritual room for spiritual cleansing and purification for a period of one week before is he finally dressed and adored in his royal apparels and presented to his people as their Omanhene at the climax of the whole coronation process.

Source: Nana Effei
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