Regional News Sun, 6 Nov 2016

Bible is the way to rule the nation - Pastor

Senior Pastor of 7th day Pentecostal church, Esereso assembly, Enoch Ofori has revealed entire governance system is what has been instituted by God in the Bible for which reason politicians must resort to the book for proper style of political leadership.

He said God is the unseen ruler of the universe, hence officials of government from the president, the judiciary, the legislature as well as the sucurity agencies are there to ensure that God’s will is done and sinners are brought to book.

Speaking at press conference in Kumasi, Pastor Ofori reiterated the fact that God gave the house of Israel the criteria for selecting a king or ruler who should not be someone with many wives, someone who will not divert the state resources into foriegn lands as well as acquire many riches of gold and silver unto himself at the expense of the nation’s development.

However a leader must be one who will use the nation’s resources for the development of the entire nation. Elder Ofori continued, the legislature is there to formulate laws that will give all citizens equal rights and protection for peace and tranquility to prevail.

He further stressed, the judiciary as well as the security agencies are established to ensure that the society is rid of criminils and miscreants who will foment trouble for others.


The pastor has therefore called on government and security agencies to exercise their God-given functions without prejudice and corruption to ensure that the will of God prevails.

He said that God gave the ten commandment to the children of Israel and also the judicial law to punish those who are not law-abiding in society.

It is there gratifying that judges sit on judgement seats to apply the judicial law and the moral to deal with transgressors in society.

Source: Abusuafmonline.com