Bosuso residents cry over death trap toilet facility

Toilet Facility, A photo of the toilet facility that has been reported to left to rot

Mon, 1 Jun 2020 Source: Ahmed Kamal, bosuso, Contributor

Natives of Kubease community, a suburb of Bosuso in the Eastern region at the Fanteakwa south district have been using death trap toilet over some years now.

However, the public toilet which serves the whole of Kubease community and some part of bosuso township have been left to rot without any maintenance which has become one of the challenges the resident are facing in the community.

Due to such problem, open defecation has become normal in the community due to lack of adequate retention for the toilet.

Some of the dwellers in the community who spoke to the media lamented that, they boycotted the use of the latrine because there’s nobody at post to clean the toilet day in and day out.

A native who leaves close to latrine said he always uses plastic rubber and after, throws it into the bush because he is afraid he might be bitten by serpents when he uses the toilet facility because it is situated in the bush.

He continued that the toilet facility has cracks on it which can be easily broken down by a heavy rain.

Residents said they reported the case to the assembly member for the area and are yet to receive feedback from him.

They are therefore appealing to NGO’S and other stakeholders to help overcome the problem.

The said toilet facility was constructed under the former president kuffuor’s administration and it's one of the HIPC projects the community have benefitted.

Source: Ahmed Kamal, bosuso, Contributor
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