Caretaker Dormaa MCE earns chief's recognition after fight against illegal logging

Thu, 6 May 2021 Source: Robert Tachie Menson, Contributor

Barimah Efirititi Sampon-Siaw, the Manwirihene of Dormaa Traditional Area, has praised and recognised the efforts and contribution of Mr Drissa Ouattara, the Caretaker Dormaa Central Municipal Chief Executive for his fight against illegal logging in the Dormaa Central Municipality of the Bono Region.

He noted that his extreme measures, dedication and persistence were typical, clear demonstration of his commitment and resolve to end the criminal activity in the area during his first term of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo's administration.

The chief stated that the level of commitment shown towards ending illegal logging although had generated some feud, misunderstanding, disagreements, confusion and tension between him and other interest groups in the area including members of the Dormaa Wood Market Association, making him unpopular, had strengthened him not to throw his arms in the air and give up in desperation and in the face of adversity.

This came to light at a meeting organised by Osagyefo Oseadeyo Agyeman Badu II, the Paramount Chief of Dormaa Traditional Area to elicit the opinions of chiefs, government appointees in the area as well as institutional heads to find practical and lasting solutions to activities of unscrupulous persons who illegally plundered forest resources particularly trees.

It was attended by sub-chiefs, caretaker Municipal and District Chief Executives of Dormaa Central Municipality and Dormaa West District, security officers, staff of Dormaa Municipal Assembly, staff of the Bureau of National Investigation(BNI) and some contractors or concessioners of forest reserves of the forest district which covers beyond the Dormaa enclave.

The chief minced no words in his acknowledgement and openly mentioned to the admiration of other chiefs and stakeholders present at the meeting the works done by the MCE in that regard, in what had followed the grave concerns expressed by Barimah Oppong Yaw Boabasa, the Gyaasehene of Dormaa Traditional Area to the effect that despite the provision of security apparatus from the Forestry Division and the Concessioneers some other unscrupulous persons with arms and offensive weapons still find ways and means to invade the Mpameso Forest Reserve to illegally fell trees.

“When you were appointed as the MCE, if you remember, you did everything in your power, capacity and capability to stem this criminal activity of illegal loggers but people picked issues up with you. You spoke a lot and a lot about this issue,” he stated.

Source: Robert Tachie Menson, Contributor