Regional News Wed, 27 Feb 2019

Cherryfield Montessori School prepares pupils for job market

The Director and Proprietress of Cherryfield Montessori School, Mrs. Magdalene Dzifa Adzanu-Atase has urged parents to help develop the talents of their wards.

She said right from childhood, interest and talents of a child should be given high importance and they should not be forced to choose a career against their interest but should rather be guided.

Mrs. Adzanu-Atase explained that every child enjoys doing things he or she have passion for, thus, must be allowed to explore.

“Remember, every profession is important, the onus lies on us all to work hard, with determination, perseverance, enthusiasm and punctuality and the sky will be our starting point,” she said when she addressed parents and pupils at the school’s Career Day.

The Career Day event is organized to help expose the school children as they display their talents and showcase their career choices.

Why career day for young children such as these?

Career Day celebration gives students the opportunity to learn about different profession and opportunities that exist in various professions in the country and the diaspora which are in line with their academic pursuit.

It also creates the awareness about what they might want to do with their lives in the future and appreciate why they learn the things they are learning. This forum also serves as motivation for students to learn hard and encourage them to stay in school.

Cherryfield Montessori School is located at Pokuase-ACP Estate junction. The school has about 500 students from crèche to J.H.S. The school also has activities like, swimming, reading club, creative arts club, math and science club, drama club, karate lesson and piano lesson.

Source: Cherryfield Montessori School