Chief reminds communities to participate in clean-up exercises

Cecilia Abena Dapaah?resize=1000%2C600&ssl=1 Cecilia Abena Dapaah, Water and Sanitation Minister

Tue, 18 Aug 2020 Source: GNA

The Akuafo-hene (chief farmer) of Amanase near Suhum has reminded communities in the Ayensuano District of the Eastern Region, about the importance of sanitation.

Nana Asamoah Ampofo, said cleaning the filth and sanitising the environment, results in cleanliness and that: “cleanliness is next to Godliness”.

He was interacting with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) at Amanase when he remarked that; “clean-up exercises are aimed at promoting good health and to sanitise the environment”.

Nana Ampofo noted that; “to clean the filth and sanitise the environment”, was aimed at promoting good health for all the peopel.

He said environmental cleanliness therefore, should be the concern of traditional rulers, religious bodies, the Muslim communities, companies, institutions and everyone, but not only considered as health issues concerning the government and the assemblies.

The Chief said: “Constant clean-ups will help prevent the breeding of mosquitoes and eliminate malaria, since filth and pollution are natural hazards” and urged Ghanaians to work hard to ensure a clean environment.

He asked health organisations that matter in sanitation, to continue to create public awareness on the negative effect of filth on the environment.

Nana Ampofo urged all and sundry to endeavour to participate in clean-up exercises since it was only when the people cleaned their communities that they could hygienically become healthier to work hard, to help transform the nation.

Source: GNA