Christy Hope Foundation announces free medical screening ahead of 'Year of Return'

Charity Hope2.jpeg Beneficiaries of the project

Wed, 13 Nov 2019 Source: christyhopefoundation.org

Non- profit organisation; Christy Hope Foundation has announced a free medical screening and networking event slated for 14th December 2019 ahead of the yuletide season dubbed “The Year of Return”.

The NGO, which is rooted both in Ghana and Canada chose the Kaneshie Disability Home in Accra to embark on a series of activities with the goal of providing medical attention to people from all spheres of life.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of the foundation Christine Osei Kumi, the charity organisation plans to offer free medical consultation to sections of people who otherwise may not have the resources to test themselves as often as they should.

She added that during the celebratory season, the focus is usually on parties and generally ‘fun events’ forgetting that there are people who cannot go beyond giving themselves health support let alone join in the celebration.

“…This is the year of return and of course, there are several events lined up but we cannot forget the fact that there are several people who need one form of medical check-up or the other” she said.

“We can give some of these people as many Christmas presents as possible but they cannot enjoy these gifts which are usually food items if they are not healthy and well and that’s why we decided to partner with some volunteers from the health sector to help us provide such medical assistance” she added.

As part of the event, there will be free lab tests, tests for malaria, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B and C, syphilis, breast examination, etc.

People who test positive at the event will be given medical advice and initial medications. Christy believes that there are several people walking around with one illness or another without any knowledge of it.

At the same event will be the launch of the foundation which has already embarked on a number of girl-child focused projects both in Ghana and Canada, as well as complete a fundraiser geared towards helping underprivileged young women uncover their purpose.

Though the overall aim of Christy Hope Foundation is to explore hidden potentials in the girl-child, the medical screening is open to everybody.

“The development and grooming of the girl-child remains our objective but this medical screening and health support is open to everybody because sickness does not know gender or age” Christine insists.

The foundation through the help of volunteers has been able to embark on a lot of projects such as donating educational items to Prince of Peace International School, donation of provisions, cleaning supplies and sanitary pads to some young homeless girls at Agbogbloshie in Accra Ghana and 50 burgers for homeless people on McDonald’s day in Canada where the founder had her tertiary education.

Christy’s Hope Foundation is also sponsoring young needy girls to learn a trade in fashion designing and hairdressing and keeps their doors open to organisations and individuals who have intentions of giving opportunities to some of these young women to learn in their establishments.

Source: christyhopefoundation.org