Regional News Sun, 26 Mar 2006

Church leadership is not for cheats - Pastor Gadzegba

Accra, March 26, GNA - Pastor William Gadzegba, Synod Clerk of the Christ Evangelical Mission (CEM) on Sunday charged Ghanaians who would want to join the Church leadership to take undue advantage of the people and amass wealth should desist from that action.

" I want you to know today that Church leadership is not a vocation for people who want to get rich quick, amass wealth, cheat people, take undue advantage of people, and live immoral life".

Pastor Gadzegba was speaking at the ordination of five pastors and three deacons of the CEM in Accra.

The new ministers who were drawn from the Kotobabi branch of the church had undergone four years of training in theology and leadership at the Evangelical Theological Seminary.

He called on Church leaders to exhibit qualities of innovation that would be able transform the lives and behaviour of the people. He said, it through these leadership traits that they would be able to chart a new course and be able to plan for the future. He said for them to be transformational in their approach, they must learn the word of God and have the through knowledge of him. " You need to humble yourselves and adopt the servant leader style and allow God to make you great"

Mr. Gadzegba urged the new ministers to lead exemplary lives by being principle, disciplined, and lead morally upright lives and serve as a role model to both believers and non-believers.

The Reverend Dr. Benhardt Quashie, Member of the Executive Committee of the Christian Council of Ghana re-emphasized the need to have better leadership among the church in Ghana.

He urged Christians to set the right examples for their communities to follow and make their positive impact on the nation.

Source: GNA