Regional News Fri, 14 Oct 2016

Darko farms donates Eggs to Prempeh College

Management of Darko Farms today donated eggs to students of the Prempeh College as part of the company’s contribution to the World Egg Day.

World egg day is celebrated annually on the second Friday of every October to promote eggs and highlight the nutritional benefits of eating an egg a day.

The Managing director of Darko farms and chairman of the National Poultry revitalization programme who is himself an alumnus of Prempeh College Sam Darko led the team to do the donation.

He told Ultimate News, the donation is to dispel the myths around eating eggs and to do advocacy about the importance of eggs in meals.


Reiterating the benefits of eating eggs, he explained, “the donation today is also to let them know that there are so many myths around eating eggs especially when they talk about eggs having high cholesterol but it’s all not true. Eggs are the most nutritional part of a meal that your body needs and an egg a day as the saying goes keeps a doctor away’.

Assistant headmistress domestic of the Prempeh College Gifty Bobie Tawiah who received the donation expressed gratitude to old students of the school for their contribution to the well-being of their Alma Mater.

She advised alumni of schools to see need to reach out their resources to better the institutions they attained their education and training from.

Source: ultimatefmonline.com