Regional News Thu, 30 Jun 2005

Dutch investor to assist local fish farmers in Upper East

Navrongo (U/E), June 30, GNA - Mr Peter Schaeffers, a Dutch investor based in Navrongo, on Thursday said he would use every little capital at his disposal to support local fish farmers in the Upper East Region to expand their farms. He is liasing with the Upper East Regional Directorate of the Agriculture to allow local fish farmers to utilise the 80 rehabilitated dams across the region for sustainable fish farming.

Mr Schaeffers, the Chief Executive Officer of NEWCO Abuga and Peter International, a fish producing company based in Navrongo, told the Ghana News Agency in an interview in Navrongo on Thursday. He said NEWCO was producing its own fingerlings using the High Tech incubator system and produces more than three mullion pieces of tilapia a year.


Mr Schaeffers said Israel, which is one of the leading producers of fish in the world, had the same facilities existing in Ghana and that there was the need to pay attention to the fishing industry. He said tilapia is in high demand both in Ghana and Europe due to its nutritional content and expressed the hope that with the creation of the new Ministry of Fisheries the sector would improve.

Mr Schaeffers appealed to the Electricity Company of Ghana to speed up measures to extend power to NEWCO site to enhance its activities for mass production of fish.

Source: GNA