Regional News Sat, 23 Apr 2016

Elevate our assembly to municipal status - DCE appeals

The District Chief Executive (DCE), Hon. Idriss Adams and people of the Kwabre East District have appealed to the Local Government Ministry to elevate the assembly to the status of a Municipal Assembly.

Hon. Idriss Adams addressing the media at a press conference in the assembly said the assembly's population is now over 75, 000 hence it qualifies to be elevated to be elevated to the status as a municipal assembly.

He explained, the assembly has performed satisfactorily despite the challenges and an elevation will make them perform far better.

The DCE opined that, the elevation will make it easier for them to champion development and improve upon its administrative work.

Hon. Idriss Adams said the elevation will further allow them to generate more revenue to embark on a number infrastructural projects in the assembly.


The local government system consists of a Regional Co-ordinating Council, a four-tier Metropolitan and a three-tier Municipal/District Assemblies Structure.

The District Assemblies are either Metropolitan (population over 250,000), Municipal (population over 95,000) or District (population 75,000 and over).

Created as the pivot of administrative and developmental decision-making in the district and the basic unit of government administration.

It is assigned with deliberative, legislative as well as executive functions.

Source: rainbowradioonline.com