Finance Minister holding on to monies meant to fight floods – Minority

Tue, 29 Oct 2019 Source: Starr FM

The minority in parliament has blamed government for the recent floods across the country, accusing Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta of refusing to release budgetary allocation to the works and housing ministry for flood management exercises.

According to them, Ghanaians are at the mercy of God and can only pray as heavier rains are predicted to come in subsequent weeks.

Former Deputy Works and Housing Minister Sampson Ahi disclosed to Starr News that the allocation in the 2019 budget meant for desilting and construction of drains across the country has not been released to the ministry.

According to him, government does not intend addressing the challenge.

The MP for Bodi said, “I think what is happening is that the government is not ready for the rains this year. Because either they have refused or deliberately release funding meant for flood control to the works and housing ministry. I know that works and housing ministry has written to finance ministry to release monies meant for flood control in the country, they are yet to release a cedi.”

“There was an allocation in the budget. And as we speak they have not done that. And so all the gutters are choked. We used to desilt the gutters to allow free flow of running water but that has not been done. And so we should not look anywhere, we should look into the face of government and tell him that government is becoming irresponsible so far as flood control is concerned in this country.,” he fumed.

As to what could be the danger, he said, “the danger is what you saw yesterday. Now we will be at the mercy of God. We only have to pray. Because the finance minister is not going to release the money for them to do the desilting and so once we have our gutters, our drainage systems choked and it’s going to rain, you can expect what will happen. You will be in your house and you will be flooded."

Mr Ahi suggested that the works and Housing committee invites both the finance and the works and Housing ministers to explain to Ghanaians how ready they are with regards to the pending rains.

Source: Starr FM
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