Regional News Mon, 7 Jul 2014

GMA 2014 Annual Ramadan Lectures begin

The Ghana Muslim Academy (GMA) on Sunday started the 2014 Mohammed Ali Mujahid Annual Ramadan Lectures in Accra.

The lectures which brought together Academics, Muslim Scholars and the Clergy, is aimed at sensitizing the Ghanaian Muslim youth on important national issues.

The 2014 Lectures are under the theme: "Enhancing Socio-Economic Development in Ghana: The Islamic Paradigm.”

Sheik Suleman Dzikrillah, a Research Fellow at the GMA said, the observation and practice of the five pillars of the Islamic Religion were important for every Muslim.

He said the basic issues for Muslims are to observe attentively and in a dedicated manner, the five daily prayers which are mandatory for every Muslim.

Sheik Dzikirillahi said Muslims must empty their hearts when praying, and that praying to Allah with a clean heart gives much reward to the believer, and also protects him.


His topic was: “Al-Salat: The Source of Prosperity and Salvation.”

Sheik Dzikirillah put emphasis on the Muslim youth to observe their prayers at the appropriate time, and Tahjut prayers during the last 10 days of Ramadan.

He said the month of Ramadan was a divine one made for self-reflection and self-examination, and with the soul-taming experience of self-restraint and delay of gratification found in fasting.

“We are given the opportunity to probe our minds and hearts in a deeper way.”

Mr Alhassan Nurudeen, President of the GMA, said the mission of the Academy was to promote education in the Ghanaian society, especially in deprived communities, and to promote unity among Muslims in Ghana and the World at large, by organizing programmes which aim at empowering the Muslim youth intellectually, socially and morally.

He said the vision of the GMA is to also be a model International Islamic Organization that promotes education, intellectualism and professionalism, and to render humanitarian services to the deprived in society.


Mr Nurudeen said the Academy is made up of young Muslim intellectuals and professionals from diverse academic and professional backgrounds, and they include, Medical Doctors, Lawyers, Diplomats, Bankers, Lecturers, Teachers, Engineers, Islamic Scholars, Nurses, Teachers, Public Servants and Journalists.

Sheik Ishaq Ibrahim Nuamah, an Islamic Theologian, said without the five daily prayers, everything that a Muslim does, is fruitless, and urged Muslims to intensify their Salat.

He noted that everything around Muslims was based on prayers, and that Muslim communities need to be educated on the importance of Salat.

The Annual Lectures were instituted in 2002, in memory of the late Mohammed Ali Mujahid, who was the first President of the GMA in 2005.

The Academy was established in 1992, and was officially inaugurated in 1994 by the then Deputy Minister of the Environment, Science and Technology, Dr Farouk Braimah of blessed memory.

Source: GNA