Regional News Tue, 16 Jul 2013

GNFS recommends new fire fighting equipment


Alhaji Amadu Sorogo, Chairman of the National Fire Service Council has said the Service would recommend to government, the use of a Compressed Air Foam (CAF) Fire Protection Systems in fighting fire.

Alhaji Sorogo said the technical unit of the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) had used the modern equipment, which he believed would helped a great deal if they were placed at market areas and in institutions’ premises.

The CAF system is powered by compressed air or nitrogen, designed for easy mobility with no external power required, and easily rechargeable and easy to operate with a one-lever start up to provide instant foam.

Alhaji Sorogo was speaking on Monday when officials of the Fire Solutions Africa, a US fire management company, met with the Council of the GNFS to make a presentation on its operations.

He said the country had recorded a high number of fire outbreaks in the markets, homes and companies, resulting in the loss of lives and property.


Alhaji Sorogo said the first two weeks of this year saw 265 fire outbreaks recorded in different parts of the country, which had even attracted parliamentary debate.

He maintained that the government was doing everything it could to adequately resource the Fire Service to enable it protect life and property.

Mr Wes Hunter, Chief Executive Officer of Fire Solutions, said their outfit distributed, installed and serviced CAF Fire Protection Systems throughout African and the World.

CAF systems are recommended for businesses such as fire stations, mining sectors, manufacturing plants, fuel stations, oil refineries, shipping harbors and market places and homes.

Mr Hunter said the system could be mounted on small pickup trucks or trailers, and it was efficient, economical and environmentally friendly rapid response systems useful both at home and work.

Source: GNA