Regional News Fri, 27 Feb 2004

Headteachers appeal for salary arrears

Begoro (E/R), Feb. 27, GNA- Headteachers in Fanteakwa District have appealed to the Ghana Education Service (GES) to pay salary arrears of teachers who were promoted from over the past two years.

Making the appeal at a meeting at Begoro on Wednesday, the Headteachers expressed dissatisfaction at the delay by the GES to adjust the salaries of teachers who were promoted in the district two years to pay the arrears.

They observed that such delays in processing the emolument of teachers have demoralized them and affected effective teaching and learning.

The District Chairman of the association, Mr Daniel Ahunu, urged the GES to rectify salary anomalies for teachers to ensure that those on the same grade and qualification received equal salaries.


Mr Ahunu suggested to the GES to detach all headteachers and headmasters in basic schools to enhance effective and proper supervision.

He appealed to the GES to supply the schools with the requisite logistics like notebooks, continuous assessment register, cumulative record cards, terminal report cards and textbooks.

An Assistant Director of Education, Mr K.N. Adjabeng, asked headteachers not to harbour recalcitrant teachers and drunkards but report them for disciplinary action.

He asked them also to report teachers who vacated their posts for replacement.

Source: GNA