Regional News Tue, 21 Nov 2006

House opens to serve the disabled

Accra, Nov 21, GNA - Bethany House, owned by the Hope for Life Association, an association of about 350 physically challenged persons, was opened at Mallam on Tuesday to serve as a training and business centre for members.

It has a bakery, a workshop, offices, seven bedrooms and a computer laboratory to train its members and also serves as the headquarters of the association.

Mr James Bortey, President of the Association, said the Bethany House was the outcome of the vision of one Rev Fr John Thebault of the Netherlands and other sympathisers from that country who saw the agony of the physically challenged struggling to survive in his parish in Madina.


Mr. Bortey said Rev Fr Thebault gained understanding of the circumstances of the disabled and assisted them to form the Hope for Life Association.

He said the association helped to sponsor members of school going age from primary to the tertiary level and also assisted them in learning a trade of their choice. He said the Bethany House would also serve as a place of welcome and rest to its members

Most Rev Charles Palmer-Buckler, the Archbishop of Accra who commissioned the house, said there was the need for the disabled to pray to God to open their eyes to see their abilities and make good use of them. 21 Nov 06

Source: GNA