Regional News Tue, 22 Nov 2016

Illegality within Dzraase Quarter of La – Head of Adjei Gbeke We cautions

The Head of Nii Adjei Gbeke We of Dzraase Quarter Nii Lomo Ogyensu III and his elders has issued a statement to caution the general public especially the people of La to wake up and kick against an illegality which has been perpetuated on the people of La as far the successor of the Chief of Dzraase We is concerned.

Nii Ogyensu III stated that there are two main families under the Dzraase Quarter where Chiefs are drawn from in a rotational manner namely the Adjei Nkpa We and Adjei Gbeke We and so therefore with the demise of Nii Adjei Nkpa I ,the Head of Family from Nii Adjei Nkpa We, who was then acting as a Chief of Dzraase Quarter, it is very wrong for yet another person from the same family to assume or purport to install another Chief from the same family when in fact a member selected or elected from the alternate family( Adjei Gbeke We) is the rightful heir to the stool now per the long standing traditions and customs.

He said, its important for them to draw the attention of all peace loving people in Ghana particularly La to this development within the Dzraase Quarters which has the tendency to result in break of law and order and disturb the peace of this country ahead of the General Election in December.

“we are resolved and would make sure this illegality doesn’t happen, not in my time… so we have written official letters to the state agencies concerned especially the IGP and La Traditional Council and others to take steps to stop this illegality”.

Nii Ogyensu III alleged that “the acting Head of Nii Adjei Nkpa We Asafoates Ala Korkor has conspired with other smaller houses in the quarter and on 20th November 2016, against La customs and traditions and amidst gun shot, firing of musketry purported to announce the choice of one Theophilus Ala Annang as Dzraase Mantse which I describe as the dark days in Dzraase.


And this singular unlawful act is recipe for chaos and disaster which has the tendency to lead to break down of law and order in Dzraase. The question which I wish to ask is who gave the organizers of unlawful event the permit to carry out that function.

As peace loving people and law abiding people, am calling on all the persons in La especially the Traditional Council, the Flagstaff House all security Agencies and peace loving Ghanaians to treat the said event with all the contempt it deserves as Theophilus Ala is not qualified to hold himself as a Chief in Dzraase even as we take all lawful steps to set aside the criminal act which has the tendency to lead to mayhem and break down of law and order, I have appealed to members of my family to exercise maximum restraints in the face of these provocative and condemnable act by Theophilus Ala Annag who should be disregarded from holding himself as Dzraase mantse.”

Quoting portions of the constitution to buttress his points Nii Ogyensu III stated that “Section 5,7(1) of Chieftainy Act 2008, act 759 defines a chief as a person hailing from the appropriate family and lineage has been validly nominated, elected or selected and enstool, enskinned or installed as a chief or quennmother in accordance with the relevant customary law and usage.”

He added that “It is also important to know that it is a criminal offence under section 63(a) of the same act 795 for a person to act or perform function of a chief when that person is not qualified to act and therefore calling on the director general CID and La police commander to commence an investigation to the criminal conduct of Theophilus Ala Annag.”

Source: Julian Owusu Abedi