Regional News Sun, 4 Nov 2018

Jamestown kingmakers declare Oblempong Weste Kojo II as legitimate stool occupant

Kingmakers of Ngleshie Alata Jamestown have said they recognize only Oblempong Westes Kojo II as the “legitimate paramount chief” of the area.

At a press conference organize in Accra on Saturday the group who described themselves as the “accredited kingmakers” of the area said they were the only group under the 1929 native ordinance of the Ngleshie Alata Stool to nominate, elect, install, and enstool a paramount chief.

Addressing the media, Nii Appiah V, Paramount stool father and head of Appiah We, said Oblempong Weste Kojo II was the head of the stool and had “no assistants or deputies whatsoever per the 1929 native ordinance.”

“The accredited kingmakers publicly declare that the only occupant of the stool who they have legitimately nominated, elected, installed and enstooled in accordance with the Akan style stool of the paramouncy, since 1st February 2018, after satisfying all the necessary customary processes is Obiempong Wetse Kojo II Known in private life as Dr Prince William Asharku Bruce-Quaye,” Nii Appiah V said.

He said the kingmakers have noticed one Henry Koppoe had been installed as the paramount chief of the same stool which was illegal.

Nii Appiah V said the kingmakers were warning Henry Koppoe and his cohorts to immediately keep off from the Jamestown paramount stool affairs and not to foment riots and violence to disturb the peaceful status quo of the area.

The kingmakers were represented by Nii Sampah Kojo XI (Osiahene And Head Of the Kingmakers),Nii Sackey Akumiah VI (Acting Dzaasetse Of the Ngleshie Alata Paramount stool, Adanse Mantse and Head of the 1st ruling house Wetse Kojo We of Mantse We ) and Nii Appiah V (Paramount stool Father and head of Appiah We). The others were Nii Sackey Ansah (Kingmaker Of the Paramount stool) and Nii Klemekuku ll (Head Of The 2"d Ruling House Adjumanku Dawurampong Kofi Akrashie We).

Source: ghananewsagency.org