KMA introduces spot fine to discipline those engaged in littering

Kumasi Littering3 Indiscriminate littering and disposal of waste has become a major problem in cities in Ghana

Sat, 14 Oct 2017 Source: 3news.com

The Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) is set to issue ‘on-the- spot fines’ to persons who violate the city’s sanitation by-laws; a move aimed at disciplining people engaged in indiscriminate littering.

Residents would have a one-month grace period during which some 150 sanitation crusaders will educate people within the metropolis on sanitation related issues, especially indiscriminate littering.

“For the first one month, we are not going to apply sanctions; spot fines. After the one month, anyone who falls foul of the law will be fined, mayor of the KMA, Osei Assibey said on Thursday. At a training workshop for the sanitation crusaders, who are National Service personnel, the mayor said will not relent in restoring the beauty of the city, stating, “We are fighting against indiscriminate littering”.

The crusaders, Mr. Assibey said would educate people in churches, mosques, market places as well as use community radio stations to reach out to others within the metropolis.

“After the one month grace period, when they are going, they will go with spot fine receipt book; it will be with them so when you are disposing waste and you do not dispose it well, they will charge you,” he warned.

Mr Asibey observed that sanitation has been the main problem confronting the city and Ghana as a whole, indicated the KMA will be resolute in making sure the city is well cleaned.

He has thus urged the citizenry to prioritise sanitation by making sure that they do not leave wastes they generate uncollected. He said it is the responsibility of every citizen to make sure his or her environment is cleaned.

The mayor also called on the media to use their platform to champion the sanitation agenda of the KMA to help make the city clean.

Source: 3news.com