Koforidua Technical University to establish a medical school by 2023

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Sun, 25 Apr 2021 Source: Peter Jeffrey, Contributor

Koforidua Technical University, one of the first batch of Polytechnics in Ghana to be converted into a technical university (Technical University Act 2016 – Act 299) and the only second university in the Eastern Region of Ghana, will start a medical school, to be known as School of Medical Sciences, in 2023.

Koforidua Technical University would be the first among the 10 Technical Universities in Ghana to establish a school of medicine.

For the University to be able to start its medical school, the new Koforidua Regional Hospital which would be completed in 2023 and would have all the facilities as a major teaching hospital, thus Koforidua Regional Hospital would be converted into a Teaching Hospital to train physicians and other medical personnel.

On 22nd July 2020, the President of Ghana, Nana Akufo Addo cut the sod for the commencement of construction of the new Eastern Regional Teaching Hospital in Koforidua, capital of the Eastern Region of Ghana, with secured funding of 70 Million Euros from Standard Chartered Bank, UK.

According to the President of the West African country, “Once fully completed, Koforidua Hospital would be fitted with requisite teaching and learning facilities”.

With the hospital set to cover a total floor area of approximately 20,000 m2, it will be fitted with the following facilities: administration, training, conference and teaching facilities; out-patient department; accident and emergency services; adjunct clinical services (pharmacy, imaging with MRI); pathological services; surgical services, including the provision of seven (7) theatres and endoscopy; obstetrics and gynaecology; in-patient wards; burns care unit; ICT installations and provision of Health Information Management System (HIMS); medical waste management system; and provision of mixed type accommodation units for hospital workers, including doctors, nurses, lecturers, students and other health workers.

The Faculty of Health and Allied Sciences is one of the fastest-growing faculties of the University with a student population of over 500. The mandate of the Faculty is to provide quality training, research and services in health and related fields in Ghana.

Koforidua Technical University is emerging as one of the best universities in Ghana with a student population of over 10,000. With its excellent research and academic faculties, the university attracts both local and international students.

The growth of Koforidua Technical University since it was converted into a university with the other polytechnics is quite impressive.

It is envisaged that by 2024 KTU would be offering Postgraduate and postdoctoral programmes in the following faculties (and soon to be established School of Medical Sciences):

1) Faculty of Business and Management Studies

2) Faculty of Applied Science and Technology

3) Faculty of Engineering

4) Faculty of Built and Natural Environment

5) Faculty of Health and Allied Sciences

With its Directorate of Research and Innovation Unit firmly established, KTU is well position to attract researchers and other scholars that would contribute towards its growth and to become one of the best innovative research universities in Africa.

Koforidua Technical University Faculty of Health and Allied Sciences welcomes students from diverse pathways and other disciplines who bring different expertise and perspectives to the faculty.

Already KTU is at the forefront of collaboration with other institutions in developing a vaccine for malaria. With emerging infectious and other tropical diseases, KTU’s to be established School of Medical Sciences in 2023, its medical students would be trained to develop skills expected of future clinicians to combat some of the tropical diseases killing many Ghanaians and other Africans.

The management of Koforidua Technical University, from the moment institution was converted to University, have done an impressive work by positioning the university as one of the fastest-growing research focus university in Africa. KTU has a number of collaborations with various institutions, organisations and businesses in many countries.

The vision of the management team, led by the Vice-Chancellor Professor David Kofi Essumang, Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor John Owusu, The Registrar Dr Mensah-Livingstone and others is to turn Koforidua Technical University into an academic institution of excellence.

The management of KTU is supported by a vibrant Student Representative Council, of Ghana National Union of Technical Students (Under the general umbrella of National Union of Ghana Students, NUGS).

Victor Togoh, who is the President of KTU SRC represent the student body on the management board of Koforidua Technical University.

Source: Peter Jeffrey, Contributor
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