Regional News Wed, 27 Nov 2002

Krobo Council demands publication of report

Odumase-Krobo (Eastern Region) - The Manya Krobo Traditional Council has expressed grave concern about attempts by some people at Osudoku who are employing various means, including political machinations, to have Akuse ceded to Dangme West.

According to the Council the issue of Akuse, which belongs to Manya Krobo Traditional Area had been concluded over 50 years ago through judgements dated in 1902, 1940 and 1943 by the Gold Coast Supreme Court and the Privy Council which were won by the Many Korea decisively.

At a press conference at Odumase Krobo on Tuesday to state the Council's position on the matter, the Konor of the Traditional area, Nene Sakitey, II, called on the government to review the materials available and publish the Nathan Quao Committee's report on the issue to confirm the ownership of Akuse for the people to know the truth.

"For the Chiefs and people of Manya Krobo, the matter is closed. Manya Krobo is increasingly exasperated by these agitations masterminded by some well-connected public officials in the Greater Accra Region and others in Akuse, he said.

"Manya Krobo peacefully co-exists with her neighbours," the Konor said and hoped that the government would not do anything that would contribute to disturb the peace, adding, "we have exercised admirable restraint in the matter."

The Konor explained that though the Manya Krobo population moved North West and South West, Manya Krobo never relinquished her ownership and jurisdiction over these lands.


"Osudoku has not reciprocated these gestures, but has over the years embarked upon over provocative activities to have Akuse to be part of Dangme West", he said, citing a recent defection of six assembly members from Akuse in the Manya Krobo traditional area to join Dangme West District assembly instead of Manya Krobo District Assembly.

He said: "Payments to the Manya Krobo District Assembly in respect of property rates have been suspended for six years, which he described as the greatest motive behind the agitation."

Nene Sakitey said Osudoku could not ignore the history of succession of Manya Krobo Chiefs, who represented the Manya Krobo Traditional stool at Akuse, as well as forget rents and tolls paid by her citizens to the Manya Krobo stool for fishing in the creeks and also for cultivating the land they are now disputing, despite court verdicts in favour of Manya Krobo over the years.

"The ownership issue and placement of Akuse being pursued in the year 2001 is anachronistic and ridiculous, one hundred years after it was first adjudicated at the courts in 1902", he held and asked the government to ensure that peace prevails in the area.

The Konor said the people of Osudoku are their brothers and sisters. "They are not just neighbours. We love them; this is why the government must come out with the truth, based on the facts available in order to bring peace and harmony".

Source: gna