Kwahu chief invokes gods against Fulani herdsmen

Fulani Kwahu A Kwahu Chief has invoked curses on Fulani herdsmen

Thu, 9 Nov 2017 Source: dailyguideafrica.com

A Kwahu Chief, Nana Danso Agyei, has invoked the gods and ancestors of the area to attack Fulani herdsmen who are allegedly killing inhabitants of Kwahu.

The Krontihene of Dwerebease, under the Kwahu Traditional Council in the Eastern Region offered the prayers of revenge when the Eastern Regional Security Council met the Kwahu Traditional Council on Monday to deliberate on security matters in the area following the recent deadly clashes between Fulani nomads and farmers.

Lamenting the negative impact the presence of the herdsmen was having on his town, the chief said, “Our children are not in the classroom and nurses are out of town because of these Fulani herdsmen in this area and I will not let that continue.”

“I have asked my people not to go to their various farms until the gods and ghosts are done with the Fulani’s herdsmen and they are no more on our lands”.

About 10 persons have reportedly been killed and 163 others displaced in 12 communities in the revived conflicts between the herdsmen and locals.

Schools and health facilities have been shut down and the local economy is at a standstill.

In all 12 communities namely Mpaemu, Dwerebrease, and Obonyam No 1&2, Asesseso, Derkokrom, Asumasu No 1&2, Atta-ne-Atta, Atuobikrom, and Yawtenkrom and Abotriansa have been affected by the Fulani menace.

Nana Danso who smeared his face with charcoal addressed the Regional Minister and his entourage at his palace as the residents besieged the palace to drum home their displeasure over the situation.

He said residents of Kwahu had no business with REGSEC’s decision to register all the herdsmen in the area but rather, they want them completely evacuated from the Kwahuland to enable the inhabitants enjoy their freedom.

Nana Danso alleged that “some big men” in the country were behind the rearing of the cattles.

Schools To Reopen

Meanwhile, REGSEC has appealed to the Ghana Education Service (GES) to reopen schools in the troubled Afram Plains East district, as they have made the necessary security arrangement for the schools to be protected.

Schools in the affected communities have been closed down for more than a month. Teachers have abandoned posts while parents have also deserted the communities with their children, bringing academic exercise to a halt.

Out of the 9 academic weeks, schools in the area had operated effectively for only three weeks.

Source: dailyguideafrica.com
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