Man’s house and car burnt in Lashibi over contract marriage fracas

Tue, 25 Oct 2016 Source: adacommunityonline.co

The rented house of businessman Hussein Masahuud Larry, a resident of

Lashibi in Accra has been vandalized and personal items destroyed

including a car which was set ablaze by a group of irate mob on the

night of Monday apparently protesting their anger over his marriage to

one, Zubaida Muhammed.

Residents of the Community 19 in Lashibi woke up to a state of shock on

October 25 to the sight of the burning car of Mr. Larry as well as his

vandalized house, all which happened in the absence of the businessman

and his family who are currently on a tour of Europe.

Mr. Larry has been married to Zubaida since 2012, the woman having

previously been in another marriage which ended in divorce because she

was forced into it in the first place by her family without her

approval. The former husband however has never given up on Zubaida and

convinced the family of the woman to believe that their marriage ended

because of the influence of Mr. Larry who was a long time boyfriend of


Accordingly, Mr. Larry moved his family to the Lashibi residence to

serve as a hideout and escape from the constant threats and accusations

of his wife’s family and former husband. It’s unclear however how

they managed to locate the hideout and plotted to attack the couple on

Monday night, but met an empty house due to the Larry family’s trip

outside the country.

They didn’t leave in peace but instead vented their spleen on the

properties of Mr. Larry by tying down security man before vandalizing

the house and setting his Toyota 4x4 ablaze. The attackers managed to

escape before the Police could arrive on the scene, but reportedly left

a message that they will hunt down and harm Mr. Larry and his family

anytime they return to the country.

The Police have launched a full investigation into the incident.

Source: adacommunityonline.co