Regional News Fri, 17 May 2019

Mpohor MP and DCE accused of engaging in deception

The political temperature in the Mpohor district is rising following a false publication that portrayed that the district's major road from Apowa to Benso was under construction when nothing of that sort was going on.

First to draw the public's attention to the news was the communication directorate of the NDC in the Mpohor district.

In a release, it was stated that, "it had come to our notice, that the Hon MP Alex Kofi Agyekum and his supporters in the Mpohor constituency are circulating pictures on social media, claiming that he is undertaking road construction projects within the District of which pictures purported to be the Apowa to Benso road was put in the public domain.

The release said, "this is absolute falsehood, and cars plying the road have to be assisted to safety when it rains".

"It is on record that the president of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo cut the sod for this road to be constructed on 15th June, 2018, but the time frame had elapsed, though the President assured the good people of Mpohor that the project will be executed in a timely fashion".

"Somewhere in November, 2018 there was construction equipment on site for the commencement of this project, but since March, 2019 the machines are nowhere to be found on the road".

The release said "on 12th May, 2019, there was a publication on an NPP platform on Facebook named "NPP Projects And Events Marshals", with pictures claiming to be the road project from Apowa to Benso in the Mpohor District".

However, contents in the publication were palpable falsehood and speculation of the highest order.

The release stated that pictures purported to be that of the district's road project were that of other districts, with the most embarrassing one being a road with a Shell petrol station along the road, when there no such company operating in the entire Mpohor district.

"This is a disgrace to the President because there is nowhere in the Mpohor District that those projects can be found. We, therefore, challenge the MP for Mpohor, who is desperately preparing to stand again as an MP against the wishes of his own party people, to come out and tell us where the road project can be found in the Mpohor District".

Adding its voice to the deception by the Mp and DCE for Mpohor, a non-political pressure group - Concerned Youths of Mpohor, said there is no road construction going on in the Mpohor district.

The group said it intends to organize a massive demonstration on 23 May, 2019 to highlight the deplorable state of the Apowa-Benso road.

Another group, the Wassa Youth Forum, has also called on the MP for Mpohor, and his underperforming DCE to apologize to people in the District, saying the deception has become rampant as they continue to compute numerous projects that have been undertaken in the NPP's two years in power, when in reality many of these projects mentioned were not true.

"You have failed the people, you are not helping to bring projects to the Mpohor district, intoxicated by the scent of power, and preoccupied with the desire to go to parliament again in 2020".

The forum said it is aware of the Vice President's visit to the Mpohor district, and "it prays the opportunity to know what is going on in the district has been presented to him for scrutiny ".

"The MP and his DCE are just agents for the promotion of ethnicity and tribal bigotry in the Mpohor district. The President must investigate the situation to ensure peace and sanitized human existence ", the Forum added.

Source: Peter Ackah-Mensah