Regional News Fri, 9 Mar 2018

My kids share one school uniform – Widow cries for help

A 50-year-old widow, Florence Nimako is urging the affluent in the country to extend aid to the needy in society.

The single parent believes that this will not only lead to a blessing but change the status of the poor who have neither food nor shelter.

Speaking to Journalists against Abuse at Adansi Fomena in the Ashanti Region on the occasion of World Women’s Day, she said Ghana would be free of miscreants if the needy in the society were supported in various ways.

According to her, hunger forces the youth to engage in social vices that could have been solved if parents provided needs of their wards.

Madam Florence who has 8 children under her responsibility narrates in tears that life has become tough for her to feed, cloth, and school and shelter the children.


She says the only farm she gets bits of sales out of produce has been seized by debtors of the late husband.

‘I cater for my children with the little money I get from selling at the farm but I now don’t have it again because my late husband’s debtors have taken ownership’.

Madam Florence soberly continued her narration that together with the 8 children they sleep on a floor mart which gets soak when it rains.

‘I and my 8 children live in a single room with a small window and a leaking roof.Last night’s rain prevented us from sleeping because the water entered the room and we waited for the rain to stop’.

Journalists Against Abuse asked the widow how the children attend school daily and she again answered in tears that the children ‘ run shifts in uniforms’ so they can attend school.


Madam Florence is appealing to kind hearted people to come to their aid in these hard times since she wants the best of education for the children.

Two of the children, Faustina and Juliana shared their frustrations whenever they go to school.

Tearfully, they narrated that things were very okay for them when their father was alive adding that he was providing all their needs. ‘We can’t play with our mates because they always laugh at our school uniform which we run on shift to attend school.’

Source: thepressradio.com