Regional News Sat, 10 Mar 2012

New Horizon School children receive complimentary chiropractic from experts

Children with intellectual disorders at the New Horizon School in Accra on Friday received an amazing opportunity towards optimum health and wellness from experts of the Chiropractic and Wellness Centres on Friday.

Chiropractic doctors and team members of the Centres, interacted, played, danced and encouraged the austism school children at the School assuring them that they are important in society and that their conditions were not permanent.

Some chiropractic care demonstrations were performed on and for children, who live in the New Horizon School, a non profit organisation that provides basic education for children and vocational training for over 140 special needs people.

“Studies in clinical chiropractic involving 26 children altruistic children had shown that children could speak better, had better eye contact, bile and bladder function improve, less hyperactivity and aggressive behavior...,” Dr Lindsay McInnis, leader of the chiropractic team said told the Ghana News Agency (GNA).

Five of those children, Dr McInnis said were placed in mainstream classes at the end of the nine month study and that their parents reported better improvement in their conditions.


“The problem is that there are neurological disorders - meaning that neurological impact from the brain to the rest of the body is interfered with. So what chiropractic does is to remove those interferences which called sublimation so that the body can function the way it is supposed to.”

Children, she said, are productive members of society and therefore they have to be given enough support in order for them to grow up to be the best adults that they could be.

Dr Christopher Carter, also a team doctor, said the essence of the outreach was to further spread the word of chiropractic and how it could benefit everyone whether disable and able.

He said chiropractic focuses on the nervous system, which controls everything in the body, so any problem with the system creates a lot of problem for the body.

“Chiropractic is life changing and with the education we are hoping that people will know that there are other means to taking drugs.

Source: GNA