Regional News Wed, 16 Jan 2013

Nungua Youth Warns Ayikoi Otoo

We write to show our displeasure on the petition filed by Joseph Ayikoi Otoo the parliamentary candidate of the new patriotic party (NPP) for the Krowor constituency against the ruling of the people. We the youths of the constituency are not happy of the unfolding events after the December 2012 elections.

The Young Adults for Mahama (YAM) wants to state categorically that joseph Ayikoi Otoo has beaten more than he can chew.

To begin our displeasure, Ayikoi Otoo does not hail from Nungua (Krowor constituency) but we allowed and supported to run on the ticket of the NPP on two consecutive occasions based on the 1992 constitution which made him eligible to stand for elections anywhere as a candidate in Ghana.

We want to also state that Ayikoi Otoo asked for re-tallying of the results at the collation centre for five (5) times at the just ended December 2012 elections which created enough platform for cross-checking. It was however evident that he lost per his own desire for re-tallying.

We want to remind Ayikoi Otoo that Nungua has been a peaceful and stable town before, during and after elections since 1992.


All the defeated candidates have conceded defeats and the town has moved on. We don’t want to believe that because he does not hail from our beloved town (Nungua) that’s why he does not care about the tension he intends to create in our town.

Notable noble men of our land includes Bortei Doku, Joshua Alabi Oakley Quaye Kumah have all conceded defeats in previous held elections.

It is however surprising that a non-native who we have accommodated is rather using the court to subvert the will of the good people of Nungua.

We want to remind Ayikoi Otoo not try to polarise the already factionalism in our town, we want to state clearly that the town is not ready to be suppressed by the power hungry Ayikoi Otoo.

We the youth will resist any attempt by the NPP’s parliamentary candidate to force himself on us by the use of the court. We in the constituency believe in the credibility and integrity of the electoral commission of Ghana which we have respected since 1992.


We conclude our release by telling the good people of Nungua and other stakeholders of our great and beloved town that we are highly alert of the discussions and plans of Ayikoi Otoo and the NPP concerning the December 2012 polls.

We have decided via the ballot box and there is no turning back, Nungua must move forward and the likes of Ayikoi Otoo who does not hail from Nungua are ready to plunge the town into chaos.

We voted for Dr Oakley Quaye Kumah and that is the verdict of the people of Nungua and must be respected by all and sundry including Ayikoi Otoo. We therefor congratulate Dr Oakley Quaye Kumah on his re-election and we task him to continue with the better Ghana agenda.

Young Adults For Mahama