Observe the coronavirus protocols - Neenyi Ghartey VII tells his people

Neenyi Ghartey VII New Paramount Chief of Effutu Traditional Area, Neenyi Ghartey VII

Tue, 7 Jul 2020 Source: GNA

Neenyi Ghartey VII, Paramount Chief of Effutu Traditional Area has called on his people to stay safe by diligently observing the laid down protocols of the COVID-19 pandemic to protect themselves and others from contracting the virus.

“This is an infectious disease but it is sad to note that the protocols in place to help stop the spread of the virus are being flouted with impunity and it is about time for all of us to be ambassadors against the virus and live safe and healthy to contribute towards nation-building”, he stated.

Neenyi Ghartey VII, who is also the President of Effutu Traditional Council made the call at a special traditional meeting held at Winneba, where newly enstooled and elevated chiefs were sworn in.

They were, Naase Akyere II (Akomuhen of the traditional area), Neenyi Kow Abowie II, (Gyaasehen of the traditional area), Neenyi Afedzie III (Walabeba Chief Fisherman), Neenyi Obuama, (Odikro of Walabeba), Neenyi Mbir, (Effutuman Apofuhen), Neenyi Afedzie I (Effutu Ekorfu Tufuhen), Neenyi Ackom I (Gyaasehen of Effutu Ekorfu) and Naase Aprekuwa I (Walabeba Nkosowohen).

They took the Oath of Office, Allegiance, and Secrecy before Neenyi Ghartey, Effutu Oma Odefe, entire members of the Traditional Council, and some members from their communities.

Neenyi Ghartey advised them not to lord their position over the people, but to service them wholeheartedly without discrimination, and use their rich expertise to support the paramountcy especially in the era of COVID-19.

The Omanhen said it was now frightening walking around town considering the attitude of some people who fail to adhere to the protocols adding, “You don’t know who come closer to you has the infection”.

He noted that it was prudent for everyone to join the crusade in fighting the pandemic, which was no respecter of persons.

“My people as you all will agree with me, Effutuman is a peaceful place and our hospitality is unique but we should not joke with the COVID-19 pandemic, let us protect ourselves very well to avoid the disease”, he cautioned.

Neenyi Oprohn Ekwam I, Gyaasehen of Effutu Atekyedo, and Naase Akyere II, Akomuhen expressed their displeasure over the blatant disregard for the COVID-19 protocols by some politicians and students who should know better and be good examples for the communities.

According to them, lack of action by law enforcement agencies to sanction people had resulted in defaulters deliberately disrespecting the protocols and called for the needed minimum force to deal with recalcitrant people.

Later in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, Naase Aprekuwa, Walabeba Nkosowohen known in private life as Dr. Yaqin Wang, a Chinese, who had partnered the people of Walabeba to better their lot thanked Neenyi Ghartey for the honour done her.

Source: GNA