Regional News Sun, 24 Jun 2007

Osu “shitbombed”

Residents of Osu-Kalamazoo, a suburb of Accra have expressed displeasure at the continuous dumping of human excreta into a major drain in the area.

The residents are pointing fingers at two mobile toilet operating facilities – D.D Services and BD Ventures. The residents told Joy News the mobile toilets are transported on trucks and emptied into the main drain in the area.

The latest community to experience such incident is the Osu Manhia JSS. Joy News’ Shaibu Abubakar reported that the stench emanating from the human excreta is creating an uncomfortable situation in the area.

“This is causing a lot of health hazard. The gutter is just in front of a school…we have not reported because the assembly man would not take any action,” a resident said.

Both companies alleged to be involved in the dumping of the waste have denied charge.


The Director of the D.D Services, Mrs Yvonne Mingle told Joy News that she and her husband always monitor the activities of the trucks to ensure they dump the waste in the sea.

“We take it to the sea shore; that is where we dump it,” she said.

The owner of the other company, B.D. Ventures Alhaji Mingles has also denied knowledge.

“We dispose our urinal at the Korle Lagoon. We don’t take it around the place they are talking about. I don’t know anything about what they are saying,” he maintained.

Meanwhile officials of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly have informed Joy News they are unaware of the situation but will conduct investigations into it and apply the appropriate sanctions against those who they find culpable.

Source: jfm