Regional News Tue, 31 Jan 2012

President Mills Sack Kwesi Ahwoi And Others

A former Northern regional executive member of N.D.C. and now a ward chairman of Tamale Dakpema Electoral area of N.D.C, Hon Alhaji S.Y Olando Kalarig Naa have appeal to the President Pro. Evan Atta Mills to remove all Ministers, MCE’S D.C.E’S who ever contested N.D.C Primaries and lost.Mr President it’s a very shameful for a cabinet Minister of State and other to contest only constituency elections and lost and still be at post. Example a full Agric Minister likes Kwesi Ahwoi, for over three years being as Agric Minister and that your constituencies are mostly 87% farmers and you could not win election there. This shows that they are wicked to their people

Mr President you have seen a red-light that the whole Ahwoi family can not help you win 2012 election, if you are still depending on them. People have worked hard to bring back The N.D.C to power 2008 but they have forgotten of them and only depending on the Ahwoi family who can not win their own constituency election. Why? They are rather remoting the President to appoint wrong people to worse n more things.

Hon Alhaji S.Y.Olando


Former Assemblyman

Tamale Dakpema Electoral Area

Tamale Metro Assembly

Source: prince mohammed