Regional News Mon, 31 Jul 2006

Priest advises Christians to be generous

Wa, July 31, GNA - Rev Fr Eugene Suom-Dery, Wa St. Andrews Cathedral Administrator, on Sunday appealed to Christians to show a sign of love to the disadvantaged by sharing whatever they have with them. "It is not enough to pump monies into church coffers, calling yourselves rich men and women when you cannot show a little bit of love to the less advantaged ones in your locality".

Rev Fr Suom-Dery, who was preaching on the theme "Sharing and showing concern for the poor," said he was not happy with the demise of the extended family system.

He said the demise of the African extended family system, coupled with lack of concern and love for the poor, was creating street children and was promoting criminal activities.

"All those days that we had the extended family system and showed concern for friends and loved ones, the rate of crime was so low that it was not seen as a major challenge to society, but their absence now have brought hardships to parents and society in general".


The Cathedral Administrator appealed to Christians to demonstrate the love of Jesus by sharing and to take care of people who are not well to do in society.

"The extended family system those days served as an insurance and buffer for orphans and the under-privileged and why can't we continue it to save a lot more people from sleeping on streets?" he asked.

The priest said Christians could be showing interest in church activities but if that were not supported by love for the poor and the under-privileged, their quest for salvation would not be accomplished.

Source: GNA