Regional News Wed, 19 Dec 2012

Prof Takyiwaa Manu calls for political reforms in Ghana

A Gender activist on Tuesday called for reforms in Ghana’s body politics to ensure that opposition parties that lost the general election contribute meaningfully in matters of governance for national development.

Professor Takyiwaa Manu, former Convener of the Network for Women’s Right in Ghana (NETRIGHT) who made the call expressed dismay at the “winner takes all” system of governance which had characterised the Ghanaian political landscape.

Speaking at an NETRIGHT’s Annual General Meeting held in Accra, she emphasised that the winner takes all politics served as a recipe for heightened tension perpetrated by a disgruntled political party that was losing or had lost an election.


Prof Manu said though demographically speaking, women were on the majority, they polled a mere 10.9 per cent seats in the just ended parliamentary elections.

She said out of the 275 created seats, women claimed only 30 constituencies and described the situation as dissatisfactory.

Source: GNA