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Recent developement of the akwamu chieftaincy affair

The Royal Yaa Ansaah family of Akwamu wishes to rebut the lies been peddled on Adom FM a radio This radio station is a threat to national security and the Akwamu Traditional Area, because Adom fm seem to have employed some journalist who are not professional in the discharge of their duty and wonders why great minds of the Multimedia Group should recruit these media terrorists to misinform the public.

The questions we are asking the Human Resource Department of Adom Fm is whether they appraise the performance if her employees? Ghanaians demand the best standard in this noble industry of radio broadcasting and not the Rwandan type of broadcast.

It would be recalled that over 22 years ago Akwamu lost her greatest son who was the chairman of the Presidential Commission of the Republic of Ghana, 1955 during the first republic and the Omanhene of Akwamu Traditional Area, Nana Kwafo Akoto II who was from the Yaa Botwe gate. He also ruled Akwamu for over 55 years. But for his death Akwamu has been denied for seventy-seven (77) the rulership from the Royal Yaa Ansaa Family owners of the Blackstool.

We would like to state that ever since the demise of the late Omanhene in 1992, Akwamu has never known peace. There has been a bitter legal battle as to who should ascend to the throne, between the two royal gates.This has divided the community into two factions, Yaa Ansaa and Yaa Botwe.

We would like to state that the indigenous Akwamus are the Yaa Ansaa gate who constitutes over 90% of Akwamus and the Yaa Botwe are only 10%. The Yaa Botwe became Akwamus by the fact that the two belong to the same Akan Clan, called Aduana clan.

The Yaa Ansaas attempted to enstool an Omanhene in the person of Kyeremateng Afranie after the death of Nana Kwafo Akoto II. He was restrained by the queenmother through a court injunction not to perform as a chief. This was contested in court until the death of the Kyeremateng, with the case still pending in court. This was the genesis of Akwamu Chieftaincy Affairs.


After twenty two (22) years of dispute as to who would succeed Nana Kwafo Akoto II. The matter was referred to the National House of Chiefs who referred it back to the Eastern Regional House of Chiefs when it was first ruled in favour of the Royal Yaa Ansaa Family.

Kuokoumu Manahene Nana Amoako Ababio Takyi and Agona-Ashanti Manhene Nana Frimpong Anokye impressed upon the parties to resolve the issue out of court which was agreed when it was suggested to them to subscribe to the ADR mechanism to resolve the conflict.

At the meeting Nana Afrokoma apologised for illegally attempting to impose her nephew as the Omanhene of Akwamu Traditional Area without consulting the overlords of the Blackstool, the Royal Yaa Ansaah Family . She also asked for forgiveness from the Yaa Ansaah Family. This was rejected by the Yaa Ansaah Family during the arbitration.

At no point was Kyeremateng Afranie recognised as a chief in the records of the National House of Chief or even the Eastern Regional House Chief as the Omanhene of the Akwamu Traditional Area. This Daasebre Oti Boateng should know because Oti Boateng was once the President of Eastern Regional House of Chiefs.

We wonder when Oti Boateng gazetted Kyeremateng Afranie and invited him to any of the meetings of the Eastern Regional House of Chiefs.

Kyeremateng Afranie was never given any breathing space by the Queenmother Nana Afrokoma who refused to recognised him as a chief when he passed on to his forefathers. What Daasebre Oti Boateng has forgotten was that the death of Kyeremateng Afranie was not announced as the passing on, of an Omanhene to both National and Regional Houses of Chiefs by the Akwamu Traditional Council.


We do not want to believe what we heard on Adom Fm was the true pronouncement of Daasabre, but if it was his statement, then we want to state that it was jaundice with liars, malice and dishonesty.

Oti Boateng has taken the matter too personal and that we lost confidence in his stewardship and that of the ADR Panel when we realized that their conduct and the activities were all tainted with malice and allegation of fraud. Even the camp of Nana Afrokoma and her followers have alleged influencing these chiefs with money to rule in their favour forgetting that Akwamus are one small unit whatever happens we would tell it to one another. History would not forgive them for their disgraceful conduct.

When Daasebre Oti Boateng realised that the Royal Yaa Ansaa Family has petitioned the Eastern Regional House of Chiefs calling for the reconstitution of the panel adjudicating the case, in effect asking for his removal. It dawn on him that his plans has failed, so he decided to act in manner which is at variance with the office of an Omanhene and a judge.

We are at a loss as to why on 8th July 2013 the Yaa Botwe Faction came to the court with white calico, powder, drinks and a sheep to slaughter, if Oti Boateng had not communicated to them that he was going to rule in their favour, when he knew that he was been asked to recues himself.

The ADR meeting broke down and was not concluded and wondered who signed the report, since the Yaa Ansaah family has informed the ADR team that they have withdrawn their co-operation.

The ADR Panel were also informed of the removal of the Abusuapanyin a representative of the Yaa Ansaah family because he has been compromised by Daasebre Oti Boateng. Sensing that he would be facing an eminent destoolment the Abusuapanyin decided to tender his resignation before 20th June, 2013.


That was one of the reasons for the breakdown of arbitration which also had to do with serious breaches, compromises and unwanting solicitation to influence the Yaa Ansaah faction with money involving the two arbitrators.

It would be shocking to find the signature of this corrupt Abusuapanyin on the Alternative Dispute Report since the ADR panellist knew the criminal has no locus. The two chiefs have disappointed not only Akwamus but their subjects, the institution of chieftaincy and the overlord of Ashanti, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II.

We are surprised as to have heard that the signature of the Aberewatia Madam Love Adjo Som of the Yaa Ansaa family could be found on the ADR report. This should be seen as forgery which has its legal and moral implications, which further confirms our suspicion that the two ADR panellists came to trick us to accept a raw deal. An agenda hatched with the connivance of Daasebre Oti Boateng the embattled Omanhene of New Juaben Traditional Area who is also facing destoolment charges.

We are therefore appealing to the National House of Chiefs to investigate the conduct of Daasebre Oti Boateng and his panel of chiefs especially the Omanhene of Anum Boso Traditional Area who invited Kwabena Owiredu to their annual Ohum festival of the Boso people. At Boso, Kwabena Oweridu was introduce to the durbar as the Omanhene of the Akwamu Traditional Area.

Akwamus need a chief who is a leader recognised by the people of Ghana and the international community so as to help re-brand the name of Akwamu in the History of Ghana. Posterity would not forgive us if we allow mediocrity to reign and liars to triumph over truth and honesty.

Thank you

Owusu Bruku

Royal Yaa Ansaa Family


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