Regional News Thu, 20 Sep 2018

Saboba residents cry for good roads

Road users in the Saboba District in the Northern Region of Ghana, have expressed disappointment over the bad nature of roads in the district.

According to them, the main Yendi-Saboba stretch has been blocked by flood, adding that the road is no more in use following the recent heavy downpour in the region.

They noted that, vehicles are now compelled to spent over nine (9) hours from Tamale to Saboba leading to the increase of unexpected charges on goods and passengers.

In an interview with Savanna Diaries, a regular user of the road, confirmed that vehicles cannot cross over the Kpalba bridge to Saboba. Adding that the river has overflowed it banks making it difficulty to use the road.

"I am telling you, nobody can cross over the river again unless canoe. Road users are today managing by canoes which is dangerous to their lives" he said.

He further explained that passengers have been stranded in the district capital as traveling to other areas of the district proves futile.

"At times we have to stop and bring all passengers out from the bus to continue their journey on foot" he lamented.

Source: savannadiaries.com
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