Regional News Tue, 20 May 2003

Scuffle Over Gun Kills Man

WA -- One of two brothers who fought over which of them should inherit their late father’s single-barrel gun was killed by the loaded gun during a scuffle at Kpari in the Nawdoli District in the Upper West Region.

The deceased, Kwaku Nabie, 25, who was the elder of the two had insisted on taking possession of the gun when their father, Yakubu Yesinaa, died but the younger brother Tizza Lee, 23, refused him the chance.

According to Issac Terkpertey, the Upper West Regional Police Crime Officer, in May this year, when the matter was reported to their family head, he advised Nabie that he had no right to take possession of the gun for sale since it is a family property.

He said Nabie did not like the decision of the family head and left the house, accusing the family head of being biased against him.

The regional crime officer said no sooner had Nabie left the house than gun shots were heard and the whole village rushed towards the outskirts of the town, from where the sound had been heard only to find Nabie lying in a pool of blood.

He said the body of Nabie has been deposited at the Wa Regional Hospital for an autopsy while the police have mounted a search for Tizza Lee to assist in a full-scale investigations into the murder case

Source: DG