Regional News Mon, 31 Dec 2012

Section of the public’s New Year expectations and resolutions

In a matter of hours from now, 2012 would be gone and 2013 would be ushered in with people from all walks of life looking forward to so many expectations.

A visit to the streets of Accra by the Ghana News Agency (GNA) as at 0900 hours on Monday saw a number of spots where merry makers had their sound systems on and playing gospel songs to thank God for His mercies and guidance lavished upon them throughout the year.

Amidst all the loud noise from the streets, Pastors were also found preaching to the public and advising them that it was never too late for them to change their ways that did not please God and forge ahead into the New Year with pure and clean hearts.

Traders were also not left out, as they went about their activities briskll, and most of them dancing to the tunes being played, singing and lifting their hands into the skies in a show of gratitude to God.


On her New Year resolution and expectations, Madam Achiaa, a trader, said though God had really been good to her and her family as well as her business, she prayed God to continue to protect them in the coming year with business booming like never before.

A young woman who worked at National Lotteries Authority (NLA) also expressed thanks to God and said: “I promise to forgive and to seek forgiveness from those I have wronged, to reconcile with my enemies and thus to reduce the stress levels in my health so that I can lead a healthier life”.

A commercial driver told the GNA: “I pray that I would always travel during the day rather than at night, to reduce the chances of getting involved in accidents”.

“I pray God will continue to let me live to see my grandchildren prosper and grant me good health to be able to celebrate my 100th birthday", Nene Naa Sowah, an 82-year-old woman said.

Source: GNA