Sempe Mantse & Nii Noi Morton Unite

Tue, 25 Oct 2016 Source: GHANA DAILY newspaper

GRAND REUNION: Sempe Mantse & Nii Noi Morton Unite

Ahead of the upcoming December polls, the country is witnessing many overtures towards peaceful coexistence.

One such dramatic event took place yesterday when Sempe Mantse, Nii Adotey Otinto II and businessman Nii Noi Morton decided to bury all their differences in order to forge a common cause to promote the interests of all Ga indigenes.

The duo have had running battles for years over intricate social and cultural differences.

In the presence of Sukumono Wulomo, Nai Wulomo and Bortianor Mankralo as well some of their followers, the two individuals put their acrimonious past behind them yesterday Monday 24th October, 2016 at the Ga Traditional Council in North Kaneshie.

As at the time of filing this report, feverish preparations were being planned to celebrate the reunion at a colourful ceremony.

On their part, Nii Adotey Otinto II and Nii Noi Morton promised to collaborate in efforts to promote peace and unity among all indigenes of Sempe and Ga Mashie.

They jointly appealed to any other feuding parties in Ga Mashie to emulate their example and forge a common front.

Known in private life as Allotey Brown, Nii Otinto II is reputed to have undertaken plans since his ascension to the throne over seven years ago to foster peace among his subjects.

Businessman Nii Noi Morton is also on record to have on his own small way employed many Ga indigenes in his companies. His philanthropic credentials have also been touted by many Ga Mashie citizens.

The Sempe nation is part of the other districts of the Ga nation also called Ga Mashie. The other districts include Otublohum, Asere, Abola, Alata, and Akanmaiadze.

They are directly under the Gbese King, which makes the Gbese King a Paramount King within the Ga-Mashie geographical territory only.

GA-MASHIE is a sub-nation of the GA-ADANGBE Nation, whose identity is transparently overshadowed by the word "ACCRA", an alien government name given to the Ghana Nation's capital and to the Ga-Mashie sub-nation itself.

Source: GHANA DAILY newspaper