Regional News Mon, 24 Oct 2016

Stop selling our family lands – Nmati Dzraase family cautions La Traditional Council

Frank Kofi Lewi, Lawful attorney of Nmati Dzraase family

The Nmati Dzraase family of La has through their lawful attorney Frank Kofi Lewi has issued a statement of caution to the La Traditional Council (LTC) to desist from the nefarious act of selling land properties belonging to the Dzraase family which they (LTC) are only supposed to be holding in trust for the family.


A little background as according to Mr. Frank Lewi indicated that in pursuant to government’s policy to return some of the lands it acquired compulsorily back to the pre-acquisition owners in 2010, the Lands Commission acknowledging the allodial owners with respect to Cantonments lands officially wrote to the head of family of Nmati Dzraase ‘We’, Nii Adjei Nkpa IV(late) in a letter dated 4th October 2010 and signed by the acting Executive Secretary of the Lands Commission Dr. Odame Larbi inviting him(Nii Nkpa) for discussion on the modalities and release of their land.

He said, after all the necessary considerations were made and decisions agreed upon, the Lands Commission released some acres of land at different areas within Cantonment to the La Traditional Council to hold in Trust for the Nmati Dzraase family as is captured in a letter dated 15th February 2012 from the Lands Commission signed Dr. Odami Larbi and addressed to the LTC under the heading ALLOWING OF LAND TO THE LA TRADITIONAL COUNCIL IN TRUST FOR THE PRE-ACQUISITION OWNERS.

Mr. Lewi indicated that in-spite of all what he described as the clear cut understanding of the matters, La Mantse appears to have appropriated those lands to the La Stool and is selling some of the Lands without the knowledge and concern of the Nmati Dzraase family which according to him it’s illegal on the part of the La Chief.

He also cautioned unsuspecting land developers over the supposed agents of the La Stool who are misleading them and selling lands which does not belong to the stool to them because it won’t be long before the chickens come home to roost.


Nmati Dzrase family’s Attorney made and emphatic statement that “whereas the President is on record to have stated that he doesn’t know anything about released family lands being sold by the lands commission to individuals, there are documents which shows family lands being released to individuals signed off by the Regional Chairman of Lands Commission Nii Okaija Adamafio and witnessed by Gifty Owusu Ansah on behalf of the President of the Republic of Ghana to a certain Nana Kojo Ansah”.

In the course of the interview, Mr. Lewi cited one classic example in a case where the Nmati Dzraase family head sued the LTC and Imperial Homes Limited (IHL) over claims that the LTC had no right to convey parcel of land to the second defendant (IHL) in which case the Lands Division of Accra High Court presided over her Ladyship Elizabeth Ankumah entered judgement in favor of the plaintiff(Nii Adjei Nkpa IV).

He added saying; in-spite of all these prove and legal confirmation of what is rightful and needful in respect of the Nmati Dzraase family lands, the La Mantse is still engaged in the unscrupulous act of selling the family lands and in the subsequent days ahead he will be publishing all the names of those who have wrongly acquired lands from the La Stool without the family’s concern.

Source: Julian Owusu Abedi