Regional News Thu, 13 Oct 2016

Stop toying with Ghana’s stability with prophesies - Security Expert

A private security expert, Mr. Irbard Ibrahim, has cautioned what he calls doomsayer men of God not to toy with the stability of Ghana with their so-called vision.

He has noted that in order for pastors not to put fear in Ghanaians, they should channel their prophecies and vision to how our resources should be used.

According to him, some pastors have of late been spewing draconian prophecies about the December polls, which put a section of the populace Ghanaians in fear.

Mr. Ibrahim Irbard noted that the clergy, as stakeholders, ought to trumpet the message of peace to the masses and not to unleash wild prophesies about the impending elections.

He reiterated the much-held conviction that security in Ghana has been politicized, hence foot soldiers abuse the law and go scot free.

He explained that politicians are using transfer to intimidate police officers to dance to their tunes, which in the end put the security officers in a tight corner.


Speaking at the launching of National Media festival by the Press Foundation’s (TPF) which intends to school the media on the role of the journalist, thereby, linking them to security, Mr. Irbard indicated that should New Patriotic Party(NPP) come to power, the Commissioner of Police (COP) John Kudalor, would be sacked.

He called on Pastors, Imams, and the National House of Chiefs to join the peace crusade before, during and after the December polls.

On the media, the security expert hailed journalists across Africa, especially Ghanaian journalists and urged them to be circumspect in their reportage.

The general officer commander of the Central Command of the Ghana Armed Forces, Brigadier General C.B. Alhassan, urged the media to report creditably and responsibly, stressing that should there be political upheaval, the media will be nowhere to operate.

According to the army general, Ghanaians must live in harmony because, should there be war, miscreants will take the law into their own hands and rule the nation.


The Executive Director of TPF, Mr. Listowell Yesu Bukarson, revealed that the TPF’s national media festival will come on October 23, 2016.

Mr. Bukarson noted that the TPF is a Non-governmental Organisation (NGO) which seeks to champion responsible journalism ahead of the 2016 elections.

He mentioned the program outline as: media walk for peace, funfair and lectures and awards night adding that 3,000 people will participate in the peace walk, including Senior High School (SHS) students, keep fit clubs and others to create awareness about peaceful election.

Ahead of the December polls, he added that the media will be schooled on responsible and creditable reportage as far as security is concerned.

Source: thechronicle.com.gh