Supporters of former NPP PC in Tamale on rampage, destroy journalist's motorbike

Fri, 1 Jan 2021 Source: Ibrahim Nurudeen, Contributor

The Northern Regional Correspondent of the Ghanaian Observer News Paper, Mohammed Bondirigbum has narrowly escaped mob attack at the premises of NTV, a television station based in Tamale.

The angry supporters of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Tamale South constituency believed to be loyalists of Yakubu Ussif, the 2020 parliamentary candidate of NPP invaded the office of the television station to attack the seasoned journalist for independently sharing his views on corruption allegation levelled against the parliamentary candidate.

Some polling stations executives in the Tamale South constituency after the declaration of the 2020 general elections accused the party's immediate past parliamentary candidate, and some constituency executives of pocketing monies meant for them.

The polling station executives revealed that, the party's national treasurer allocated GH¢600 for each polling station, but the defeated PC and some of the constituency executives gave each centre GH¢200.

As a result, the aggrieved polling officers formed a coalition to register their displeasure. Among other things, the coalition petitioned the constituency secretariat to investigate the matter.

Mohammed Bondirigbum who was invited to the station as a panel member to discuss rising issues in the region reasoned with the aggrieved executives, and called on the leadership of the party to intervene.

He also questioned why Yakubu Ussif should be lobbying for Tamale Chief Executive position, if he can't be transparent to polling station executives.

After confirming the allegations by the polling station executives, he tasked the accused person's to refund the money to the frustrated executives.

Mr Bondirigbum pronouncements during the live program, NorthernWebGh.com understands angered the former PC supporters which led to the attack.

After realizing danger minutes after the program, Mr Bondirigbum disappeared upon seeing the former PC supporters invading the television station.

The supporters unable to unleash their venom on Mr Bondirigbum, destroyed his motorcycle beyond repairs.

Mr. Mohammed Bondirigbum has since reported the case to the police for the necessary action to be taken.

Meanwhile, the petition of the Collation of the Concern Polling Station executives further accused the former PC of diverting campaign item's for his personnel gains.

Source: Ibrahim Nurudeen, Contributor
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