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TIDD is frustrating, extorting money from us - Sokoban Wood village workers

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Sokoban wood village workers are accusing the Timber Industry development division of frustrating and extorting money from them anytime they are transporting planks to other parts of the country.

Workers say even after presenting all documentations, the division would question the authenticity and confiscate the goods on merits they can't explain.

For cost-effectiveness, efficiency and to be more customer-focused, the Timber Export Development Board (TEDB) and the Forest Products Inspection Bureau (FPIB) were amalgamated in 2002 into the Timber Industry Development Division (TIDD).

The function of the TIDD is to provide specialized services in promoting efficiency in product quality assurance and value-addition in the Timber Industry and Trade consistent with best environmental practices.

All prospective buyers of timber and wood products are required to officially register with TIDD by completing TIDD Form B/119 for processing and issuance of Buyers Registration Certificate.

The wood village workers say, they have been complying with the directive but some officials at TIDD are frustrating them.

Public relations officer, Abubakar Halifa claims the extortion of money is getting worse day by day.

Forestry services division are also said to have been over-exercising their mandate, going beyond the forest gate to the streets.

They accuse them of extorting money from them.

They want government to look at the run responsibilities of TIDD and forestry division and order them to do the right thing.

Meanwhile, the parliamentary select committee on lands and natural resources has assured workers their concerns will be addressed within the next few days.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com