Teachers of Abuvie Kpong DA Primary school sharing accommodation with reptiles

Abuvie DA The situation has affected teaching and learning activities in the school

Tue, 9 Jul 2019 Source: Michael Teye

Teachers of the Kpong Abuvie D/A school in the Shai Osudoku District of the Greater Accra region have unwanted companions to contend with in their rooms - rats, lizards and snakes.

The reptiles, rodents and other insects have found their way into the rooms of the teachers who are currently battling with acute accommodation challenges few meters away from the school in a farming community deprived of several amenities.

The situation has affected teaching and learning activities in the school as staff live in dilapidated mud houses in the community of Kpong Abuvie.

We are all living in mud houses and at the one time or the other we find snakes, scorpions and even bats, said headteacher of the school, Duho David Kwabla, adding that some ten teachers have been affected by the situation.

The situation, according to the school head endangers the lives of the teachers who risk being bitten by the snakes, scorpions and other dangerous creatures.

"Living with these things [animals] is very dangerous and if you're not lucky you're bitten by these snakes and who knows, if you don’t have anybody attending to you then that'll be the end", bemoaned Mr. Duho.

The headteacher regretted that persistent reminders to the Shai Osudoku District assembly for the necessary assistance has become an annual ritual without the necessary redress.

“We do this every year”, added Mr. Duho. “We send to them the data on the school, the structures we need, the health that we need, we do this year in, year out but we seem not to have anyone coming to our aid.”

Meanwhile, a four unit chamber and hall accommodation begun few years ago to serve as staff accommodation has been at a standstill for sometime now.

But living with these creatures appears to be only a part of a wider challenge the facility is currently saddled with. With eight classes sharing a three unit classroom block, three students are forced to use a dual desk, a situation that Mr. Duho said does not encourage conducive teaching and learning.

He therefore appealed to government and corporate bodies to come to the aid of the Abuvie Kpong DA primary school.

Meanwhile, Mr. Osei Kufuor, Public Relations Officer for the Honourable District Chief Executive for Shai Osudoku, Daniel Akuffo when reached for his comment said the DCE was instituting immediate steps to address the issue.

Source: Michael Teye