Regional News Tue, 10 Apr 2007

Teachers warn ‘quaffing’ headmaster

Teachers of the Gomoa Secondary School are unhappy with the excessive drinking habit of the Headmaster, Mr James Ekow Boafi.

They explained that as the head of an educational institution that trains future leaders of the nation, he is expected to be a role model and such behaviour is unbecoming of his status.

A caution note from the 33 members of staff stated: "We the undersigned teachers are fed up with the way and manner the school is being administered by you the headmaster of the school. We have observed four major areas of your negative behaviour in which excessive alcoholism is the main concern to us as teachers who are here to mold the character of the students."

The caution note was copied to the Assistant Headmaster of the school, the Chairman of the PTA, the Senior Housemaster, Heads of Departments and even to members of the non-teaching staff.

It stated further, "We have seen that you drink excessively to school on regular basis during both school hours and outside school hours. On several occasions, you have been drunk and you have been carried into the school on vehicle with registered number GV 551 A, attracting boos from the public."

They pointed out that, "Whenever you are drank during school hours, your attitude towards the teachers and workers in the school is generally erratic."


The caution note, which was intercepted, accused the headmaster of administrative lapses especially during examinations. "Ever since you took over the administration of the school we have been encountering numerous problems in the areas of exams".

A typical case, the note went on is the 2006/2007 academic year when examinations unduly delayed and caused examination leakages that visited a lot of inconveniences on both teachers and students as well.

"But you (headmaster) looked on unconcerned because during those times, you were carried away by alcoholism," it stated.

It said Mr Boafi at the least provocation often rebuked teachers in presence of students but that this is tantamount to subjecting the teachers to students’ ridicule which does lower the morale of teachers to giver their best.

"We the teachers of the Gomoa Secondary Technical School are fed up and except that you have a total change of attitude to work, other wise we will advise ourselves," they threatened.

Source: The Independent