Regional News Wed, 30 Apr 2003

USA Director made Nkosoohemaa of Amanase

Amanase (Eastern Region) - The new Nkosoohemaa of Amanase near Suhum in the Eastern Region, Nana Asaah has sworn the oath of allegiance to the Odikro of the town, Baafo Asare Panin II and the people of Amanaseman.

The new Nkosoohemaa, known in private life as Kathy Collins, is currently the Director of Admissions and Public Relations at the Burlington College, University of Vermont, USA. Mrs. Collins, who is the first to ascend the "Nkosoohemaa-thrown," meaning chief for development, is also working as a Volunteer for Vermont Global Village Project, a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), in her capacity as Fund Raising Co-ordinator.

This latter activity gave her the opportunity to visit Ghana for two consecutive years with groups of students from USA. Swearing in the new Nkosoohemaa, the Odikro of Amanase referred to Mrs. Collins as a woman who has acted as a bridge of friendship, goodwill, co-operation and understanding between Amanaseman and the US.

Baafo Asare, who noted that of late, every community was making frantic efforts to undertake development projects, called on the people to unite and contribute their quota to support programmes that would bring relief to the people, especially, social amenities to enhance their lifestyle.


He called on the people not to "sit on the fence," but to support Nana Asaah in her quest for "a new Amanaseman." Gilbert Asiedu-Addo an elder of the town, through whose son, Samuel Kwasi Asiedu-Addo, pursuing a doctorate degree course at the University of Vermont that Mrs. Collins was linked to the Odikro and people of Amanase, announced that the community lacked social amenities to better their lot.

Asiedu-Addo also the Managing Director of City Printers Limited in Accra, mentioned schools, public toilets and clinic as the town's priority projects. A Nana Asaah, in a speech, said her "grand dream and vision was to revitalise and reinvigorate" Amanase to its rightful place of glory, honour and eminence in Ghana. The Nkosoohemaa said there should be no room for acrimony and hatred, adding, "after all, we are one indivisible family. Without unity and peace, progress and development will elude us."

Source: gna