Regional News Fri, 27 Jul 2018

Wasa Anenfi East disabled association hits street over unpaid common fund

The Wasa Amenfi East Physically Challenged Association has embarked on a peaceful demonstration at Wasa Akropong of Wasa Amenfi East Municipality in the Western Region over their delayed common fund.

The Association members presented their grievances to the Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Helena Appiah to listen and address their out listed demands.

During the presentation, they demanded an immediate transfer of the Wasa Amenfi East Social Welfare Director, Mr Gideon Sageo from the Municipality.

The Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Helena Ama Appiah received the petition and pledge her support to respond to their outlining grievances saying, under her watch, the Association demands, allegations and some misunderstanding with the Social Welfare Director will be a thing of the past.

She commended the executive members for being law-abiding citizens of ensuring peace and stability in Wasa Amenfi East Municipal despite their accumulated grievances.

The demonstrators who were in red and black costume, red bandages and black cards with inscriptions such as: "G.S.P.D is autonomous", "Mr Sageo go away", "Our Association is legal", "Disability is not inability", "Follow the guidelines for disbursement of our fund", "How many groups have you formed under the G.P.S.D Mr Sageo"?

The Wasa Amenfi East physically disabled Vice Chairman, Mr. Larbi Harrison on behave of the Association, emphasized and presented the following concerns as to the need for an immediate transfer of the Wasa Amenfi East Social Welfare Director, Mr. Gideon Sageo from the Municipality.

"Mr. Gideon Sageo usually uses his own power and authority to receive the societies money and goes to various villages to do payment without proper documents and knowledge of the association members", he revealed.

"The association was asked to attend National Congress in Kumasi in September but the social welfare director denied to their attendance. The blind members of the association were asked to celebrate" white and cane" day at Tarkwa Nsuem on October, 2017 but Gideon Sageo refused with His approval", he said.

"By the orders of Mr. Gideon Sageo, the societies workshops at the Social Welfare has broke down by Amenfiman Senior High School. The social welfare Municipal Director didn't help the association to obtain a plot of land for the workshop".

"The Social Welfare Director has been in the Municipality for over 10 years. Within his long period, Mr Gideon Sageo has done nothing meaningful things to benefit the society. He must leave the Municipality now" Larbi Harrison emphasized.

"Mr Gideon Sageo offers the association members room for rent. The association has informed the Wasa Amenfi Paramount Chief and with his convened meeting with the association executives and Mr. Gideon Sageo has not turn from his attitudes", he opined.

The misunderstanding concerning the disbursement of the fund as recalled, the association members threatened to demonstrate against the Wasa Amenfi East Social Welfare Director, Mr. Gideon Sageo seeking for his immediate transfer from the Municipality on 25th November, 2017 but cancelled out after a roundtable negotiations with the Municipal Chief Executive.

According to the members, they are not well pleased with some decisions taken by the Social Welfare director but postponed after a roundtable discussion with the MCE, Hon. Helena Ama Appiah and the Municipal Police Commander, Supt. Bright Boafo.

All the attempts exhausted to demonstrate particularly, against the Social Welfare Director Mr. Gideon Sageo has proved futile.

For about 2 years, Wasa Amenfi East Physically Disabled Association members have not received a share of their common fund released by NPP government to the Municipal Assembly.

They have therefore called on the President of Ghana Akufo-Addo, Gender Ministry, people on authorities, the Wasa Amenfi East Municipal Assembly to immediately transfer the Social Welfare Director from the Municipality.

Source: Daniel Kaku