Ghana police stops #EndSARS protest at Nigerian High Commission

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Comment: @Pan African

Nana Kufuor, Abeka. La Paz.
2020-10-21 15:03:35
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EC will give a clean fight

Pan African, your logic doesn't hold. Lovely Lordina Mahama is not a politician and doesn't one to be one. As for that Rebecca woman, she is just as dangerous as the the tyrant and evil dwarf husband. Birds of the same feather flock together. This woman was there when lunatic Kennedy Agyapong asked the Ashantis to kill Gas and Ewes by the instigation of Akuffo Addo. As if that was not enough, Akuffo Addo asked the police to brutalise and maim the Gas celebrating their Homowo festival peacefully. At the same time Akuffo Addo allow his savage tribesmen to demonstrate against Prez. Mahama regarding the Sakawa Agyapa Royalties with police escorts. A few weeks ago the cab driver chief and cousin of the evil dwarf asked OUR military to act as land guards to grab Ga stool lands. I am appealing to all GAS to go to the polling stations in large numbers and vote against the corrupt clueless evil dwarf. As for Rebecca, she is a traitor worse than Judas Iscariot.

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Nana Kufuor, Abeka. La Paz. on Oct 21, 2020 15:03